Embarking Upon Age 30 … But Still 29!

I never thought I would say this but I’m very happy about beginning my 30th year of life; Excited for 2014 and beyond … 

2014: My 30th Year of Life

Making soup for an Army,

Stirring the Pot.

Thinking back upon my late ‘Teens

(Ripe with exploration and rebellion).

Flashing back upon my Twenties

(Rife with Love, Learning and Loss).

I am 29 “flavors, and then some”

And yes, ” taking my chances as they come”,

Just like Alana Davis and Ani DiFranco sang about.

I am no longer afraid of myself, you, or anyone else.

Time has healed my wounds, 

As much as my wounds can be healed.

Patience is my old acquaintance made new best friend.

I am a Phoenix –

Risen from the deep, dark places that remain

Filled with ash.

I will fly with you,

We will share our dreams together,

Over the soup pot and

In the clouds.

I am an Explorer –

Roughshod and weary,

Yet undaunted.

I will tell you about my experience,

And listen to yours.

I am a Goddess,

Imperfectly beautiful

Powerful like never before. 

I will swoop down upon those who seek to destroy,

And call upon you when the time is right.

So watch out world,

Here I come!

I hope you’ll welcome me

With open arms.  


One thought on “Embarking Upon Age 30 … But Still 29!

  1. Go on, girl! Wish I was still 30. Or 29. Sometimes I feel like I’m as dumb now as I was then. But the great thing about aging is that, the longer you live, the more opportunities you have to learn and experience. And truly, that’s what makes life worthwhile. Thanks for sharing….

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